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Della Jackson

Well what can I say ….

What a great journey I have had with Willem & Chrissy. Outstanding training from me being absolutely useless to passing my Mod2 on Friday 6th if May. The standard of training is outstanding but never forgetting the laughs along the way, building up my confidence and making me realise that I am not as useless as I first thought I was.

I have loved every second of it and am really going to miss them both. I don’t do recommendations because each to their own but I cannot Recommend Willem Lowe and Chrissy enough.

Since Friday I have covered around 400 miles including….




Snake pass



Lovely riding round Peak District 

Dominic Marcos Sierra 

Brilliant service from both Willem and Chrissy. Can’t thank them enough! They put together a bespoke training plan based around my training needs. This in turn has led me to be a more confident and able rider. See you around guys! 

James Wood 

Well if anyone is wanting to get their Motorcycle licence, this is the place to go!

From never riding a bike to having my full licence in the best part of three months passing Mod 1 and Mod 2 on the same day is a testament to Willem and Chrissy!

Their training is both professional and fun and they both have a great eye for detail.

I felt 100% supported all the way through the training process, a huge 11 out of 10!

Thanks for everything guys!

Chris Robinson

Learning to ride with Chrissy and Willem has been a wonderful experience. I have loved every second of my training taking me right up to my test. I passed both modules first time and now hold a full motorcycle license. They have both gone above and beyond to provide me with the tools I needed to pass and I am so happy I trained with them. I made the right decision. They are two of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met, know their stuff inside out, put you at ease and they will get you where you need to go. Definitely train with them. It's worth it.

Willem Thompson said

"What can I say about this fella! An absolutely top tier teacher and what’s even better is that he’s a great character as well, there was never a dull moment and I’m sure his former students would say the same! He really cares about perfecting your skills so you can get through your test as fast as you can but also with the highest possible degree of excellence and training. At the end of the day when you get on a motorbike safety is vital and Willem really does ensure those factors are instilled into your brain, so even if you’ve never ridden a bike before don’t worry because he’ll help you with everything. Would highly recommend even if you’re a novice or have prior experience and want a few refresher courses! I’d give him 6*’s if that was possible!!"

John Wickham Said

"Awesome tuition. Both Willem and Chrissy are the right amount of lovely and professional and helped me pass direct access first time. These are the guys to go to to learn properly and I can’t wait to do some advanced riding with them."

Andy Dodds

Found Willem when doing an internet search for obtaining my bike licence. So glad I did, he advised and guided me through the process making it very simple. Completed my CBT, MOD 1 and MOD 2 with Willem guiding me all the way. The tuition was both friendly and enjoyable making me feel at ease all the way. I would recommend Willem 100% for getting yourself on two wheels.

Laura Potts

Wow! I've completed my CBT and all thanks to Chrissy's patience, clear direction and confidence in what I can do. I would not have done it without her and most certainly wouldn't have enjoyed the whole process as much as I have. Here's to getting on and being able to ride the big boy bikes!! Can't wait to learn more from her.

George Bove

A very professional and personally tailored approach to getting me on two wheels, navigating the pandemic to deliver me at each stage of the process perfectly prepared to pass! And a great team as well!

John Pearce

I would like to say a huge thank you to Willem for quickly rearranging my direct access course. Having completed my CBT at the beginning of May and then having an accident in my garden and unable to complete the rest of my course. No problem to Willem, he managed to get it all rearranged and sorted when I was fit and well to complete my course. I can’t thank Chrissy enough for all her patience, perseverance and expertise in getting me through and pass. I would recommend without reservations training with Willem Louw & Chrissy Woolfall for your motorcycle training. Thank you both 😊

Ian Slater

I would highly recommend Willem to anyone thinking about learning to ride a motorcycle, either CBT or full license. I did a direct access course including CBT and Willem not only tailored the training to my exact needs, but also made it great fun as well. He teaches you to not only pass the test but to ride the bike safely and with confidence.

Paul Johnson

Just passed Mod 1 & 2 first time with Willem 😁 Couldn't recommend this guy highly enough! Excellent training, excellent bikes, and had great fun from start to finish! Also a big thanks to Chrissy for guiding me through the mod 1 🏍️ Cheers guys much appreciated 🟠😉

Robert White

I did my direct access course with willem and after a slight hic up on my part I passed , because of the training - support and determination from willem he got me there. Great guy just to have a chat with and have a laugh , does exactly what it says on the tin 😀 Highley recommended 🏍👍👍

Paul Robert

Willem is a first-class instructor; I cannot recommend him highly enough. His professionalism, patience, attention to detail and commitment are exemplary. He is truly passionate about what he does, and it clearly shows. He teaches you to ride well above and beyond what is needed to pass the test. Above all he is a thoroughly nice guy which makes learning all the more pleasurable.

Amy Bolton

I'm so happy with everything I done today with my cbt they are both lovely people, taking you through step-by-step if you do not understand anything they are amazing people I am so happy I have gone with them again and I can't wait to go in for my big bike test with them thank you both for listening to me n understanding me too.

Rebecca Randall Said

Got me through my MOD1 and my MOD2 first time. Brilliant instructor. Cannot thank Willem enough for all the experience he has given me. He has given me skills and improved me more than I could imagine. Not only did he teach me to pass my test, he taught me how to properly ride!

Rebecca Randall

Aaron Marriott Said 09/08/2020

The best bike training I’ve had, talks you through step by step and gradually paced with no pressure, giving you the confidence you need to get the test done. Thanks Willem!

Aaron Marriott

What Zanna Matthews Said 15/08/2020

"Willem is extremely attentive, and has shown time and time again throughout our training that as well as wanting you to become the best rider you can be, he is also considerate of the welfare of his students and ensuring that a plan can be put together to ensure that you are able to train based on your needs and around your schedule. When personal issues meant that I couldn't focus on my training, it was also easy to reschedule and rebook sessions.There was even a session when I was struggling to ride at my usual standard, so Willem advised we stop and rebook it for another day. He understood that there was no point in continuing if I couldn't focus and we couldn't have fun. Willem being both an experienced rider and instructor, as well as a kind person, will do whatever he can do to help his students, which is a perfect combination of qualities for anyone who is wanting to learn to ride."

Zanna Matthews

What Rossi said 15/08/2020

"Had an amazing day on my CBT, Willem helped with all my problems and we had a great laugh during our session, i highly recommend you visit this instructor"


Alex Cotton 18/08/2020

"Willem got me through my A2 licence, mod 1 and mod 2. He made my experience of gaining my licence enjoyable. He taught how to not just pass the test but to ride actually ride at the same time. He takes extra time to explain the extra details to make you a better rider. Thanks for all your help Willem and I look forward to getting my next licence with you."

Alex Cotton

What Steven said 29/07/2020

Absolutely first class training. Willem doesn't teach you to pass a test. He teaches you to ride. He teaches you to be safe and above all enjoy the thrill of motorcycling. His stellar reputation for excellence is very well deserved and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Steven Brannon

What Jason said July 2020

‘Friendly Instructor with clear instructions and very helpful guidance. I felt relaxed and safe!’ 

Jason Fletcher

What James said:

'Had and excellent introduction in a future of being a motorcyclist. Enjoyed every element which was mad interesting by Willem. Can't wait to continue'


This is what my customers have to say about their motorbike lessons and training:

"Wow what a great instructor, so calm with a great sense of humour.

I have just taken my CBT with Willem and I have to say it was a really fun experience.

He has boosted my confidence out on the road and has certainly made me a much safer rider.

Willem is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of motorcycle training, and rightly so he takes it very seriously, but with some added humour to make it a really fun experience.

These are difficult times and Willem has clearly worked very hard to put in place all the necessary Social Distancing measures to make the day safe for both parties. I run a mid sized factory and understand Health and Safety extremely well. I can say that the measures Willem has put in place are well thought out and worked very well. I would definitely recommend training with him and I will certainly be back to complete the rest of my motorcycle licence with him."

"Dominic Hewins" 

Compulsory Basic Motorcycle Training

" I did my CBT today and I would definitely recommend Willem" ESTES 

SAFE CBT May 2020

One to One Safe CBT Motorcycle Training

' Willem is very helpful and clear in his instructions, Friendly and makes the CBT course easy to understand. I would recommend anyone to use his CBT training' 


(Did the One to One SAFE CBT in May 2020 and also rides in Vietnam - just Imagine all those scooters)

Strick Risk Control Safe motorcycle CBT training

"Excellent one to one training. Willem made me feel really comfortable as I am a complete novice. Very personal experience which made meant I was able to learn all the skills for CBT and now looking forward to being taught how to ride the bigger bikes" 


"Excellent Instructor. Makes sure you learn. Very friendly. Very patient." 

James Foster First time on a CBT

"If you are thinking of learning to ride, wanting to pass your CBT, or full bike test Willem is your man! A relaxed, friendly but incredibly detailed and individualised coaching experience is what you get. I did my full direct access with Willem and have my full bike licence after just 4 days! I can’t thank him enough for the experience, the level of commitment I received from him and the amount in which he developed my riding skills in just a few days was truly remarkable.Not only will Willem get you to pass your test he will develop you into an exceptional and safe rider so you get the true, fun experience of riding.

Thanks again Willem! Could not recommend you enough!"

Tom Housley.

"My 1 on 1 CBT with Willem was a great experience. Willem is professional and very thorough, he put me at ease and got me in the right frame of mind for the tasks ahead. I'm looking forward to continuing my training with him and improving under his tuition as a rider. Highly recommended."


Mark Cashman Engineer at Ardagh Glass.

"For my first time on a CBT, I had loads of emotions but Willem helped me to get over them. He helped my go from basic elements quite easy. He is very good in what he is doing and I will definitely coma back to Willem. Also I will tel others about him and encourage them to come on his course. He is a great man and I learn many things from him. Thank your very much." 

Mihai Cerghit 

"Willem was professional,supportive and patient. He is clearly experienced and knowledgeable and made the CBT course achievable and enjoyable. It was great to have such an enthusiastic trainer as embarking on riding a motorcycle is a challenging experience. Thank You" Jordan 

"Willem Louw Motorcycle instructor

is how each and every motorcycle school should be.The instructor is really good, motivated and super patient; All admin side is great and overall this is the best school I can recommend to anyone. I know that it might be far for some, but you won't get the same value for money *anywhere* in Doncaster and I would highly recommend joining this school to anyone that is really looking to get a license. Again, amazing school, highly recommended.

Thank you again Willem :))" Chris 

" very helpful, polite, if you don't understand puts other ways so you understand, very cheerful. make your learning fun and well recomended" 

Raymond first time moped rider on his first CBT

"I have recently been diagnosed with an incurable cancer , however learning to ride a motorbike has given me something to focus on , willem was able to work out a time table for me around my treatment for chemotherapy and work , I found his style and approach east to take in He teaches you to ride at a higher level than required , to not just to pass your cbt , mod1 and mod2 more importantly to be the safest rider you can be , with less than 20 hours training i have a full motorcycle licence . I cannot thank this man enough for helping me to get on two wheels thank you once again willem"



"After passing my test first time with 1 weeks training I can definitely say that it's down to the quality of training from Willem, I was quite apprehensive at the start and not sure what to expect but Willem's relaxed approach allows you to feel comfortable whilst getting to know the bike. This however doesn't mean that he leaves you to it, as you're riding you can tell that he is watching you all the time and makes sure that he tells you straight away if you make any mistakes or just if he thinks you can improve on a technique. Overall a very experienced and knowledgeable rider who is able to pass on some of that experience to newer riders." 


It's been about 25 years since I rode bikes up to 250cc on L plates then gave it up after a very near fatal accident so it was with great trepidation that I enrolled on a direct access course with Willem. He very quickly put me at ease with his humour, clear and concise instruction, obvious enthusiasm and knowledge and the ability to instil confidence in, I'm sure, even the most nervous of riders.

He trained me up on some quality and superbly well maintained machines to the point where I passed my CBT, Mod1 and 2. He cares not only about getting you through the tests but also that you are equipped to be a safe, confident and competent rider.

I now look forward to taking to the open road with renewed joy and enthusiasm.

Many thanks Willem Regards' 


"Hi Willem, Well just wanted to say a big thank you for all you've done for me. Your website spoke for its self and when after 12 years on hold after family tragedy doing my direct access with you seemed the right choice. Sure enough this was confirmed when we spoke and then through the training. We were sent a few hurdles that couldn't be foreseen( not down to Willem I wil add) you tried everything to get us to that test that day I know and it just wasn't meant to be but once booked and we got there I felt confident despite test conditions in what you had taught and shown me. Thanks for your guidance and effort mate, pleasure to ride with and to now call a friend. Hope more people come to you to not only pass a test but to learn the Willem safe and enjoyable way. All the best" 


"Willem, what can I say, you are the man!! I cannot thank you enough for getting me through my direct access in 2 days in time for the TT.

After being let down and told false information from a previous not to be mentioned instructor. I was stuck in a rut, an A2 license holder with a Sportsbike in the garage and a ferry booking for the Isle of Man in 2 weeks times. It looked like the idea of taking my new bike to the TT had fallen by the way side.

This is where Willem stepped in. Having trained my uncle a couple of years ago, I jumped at the chance to train with Willem when the opportunity presented itself. It's safe to say we had some major hurdles to overcome along the way, but Willem constantly remained positive and up beat.

On to the training. Willem's advice and instruction is second to none. I was in a fortunate position where I know how to ride a motorcycle on the road. I just needed Willem's tutoring to iron out some bad habits and sharpen me up for the A license test. A day and a half of intense but enjoyable, fun and informative training and we were ready.

I travelled 2 hours at a time for my instruction with Willem and it was all worth it.

Thanks to Willem's fantastic instruction I am now ready for the TT and my new bike will be coming with me.

illem is the best instructor I have come across and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn.

Thanks again Willem. All the best with your fantastic business." 


"So after deciding that I wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, I had to decide on an instructor. I wanted an instructor that was one on one training so I could get the best training that I needed with no other distractions. I did my CBT with Willem and found him great to get along with and easy to learn from, he made it seem easy learning to ride a bike. After I passed my CBT, I knew I wanted to learn to ride a big bike with Willem. Although Willem was teaching me to ride the motorcycle properly, it didn't feel like that. It felt like having a ride with a friend who gave you pointers on how to become a better rider. It's almost a shame to have passed my test because I won't get to go for a ride out with Willem on a Sunday morning anymore. By the way Willem, I didn't get the MT-09, I've bought an MV Augusta Stradale today and it gets delivered in 2 weeks (08/03/17). Thank you for everything Willem, it's been a pleasure being your student and now your friend."

Rich Rickaby

"Learning to ride with Willem was riding made easy; everything was broken down into simple sequences that quickly become routine, and learning to ride goes from scary to completely stress free after only a couple of hours.

I never expected to be so calm on test day but I wasn't one bit nervous, because I knew that Willem had taught me to ride even beyond what is expected for direct access." 

Ryan Cooke

"I would just like to say a massive thank you to Willem for getting me through my motorbike test .. it was a fantastic experience from start to finish !! he's a brilliant instructor and doesn't just teach you how to pass a test he teaches you how to control a bike and ride properly in lots of different situations .. i'm looking forward to doing the advanced riding course in the summer next year with him .. thanks again willem !!" 

Mark Street 

"I started training with Willem with little to no experience riding a motorcycle, within a few lessons he managed to get me riding pretty confidently. It took a few more lessons to 'iron out the creases' so to speak, but Willem was both patient and understanding. I cannot imagine any other instructor would've had as much patience as Willem did with me. Willem taught me not only the maneuvers that are necessary for riding a motorcycle, but he also helped me understand the theory and physics behind it. I have now passed my A2 licence and well on my way to becoming a confident and safe rider, all thanks to Willem. I would fully recommend him to anyone that is wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle correctly. Thank you" 

Simon Brooks

"So in terms of feed back, there's not really much for me to say. You're a really good instructor and made the whole experience enjoyable as well as giving me the skills required.

I really appreciated the pace we went through the process you judged my needs and built lessons accordingly. You pushed me when I needed pushing and pulled me back when required. Your teaching and feedback was great, always positive and enthusiastic which helped build my confidence and get over small mistakes quickly.

All in all you made it all a positive experience and gave me the confidence I needed. I'm definitely a better biker than I would have been if I had chose a different instructor so thanks again.

I picked up the scrambler on Thursday, had a couple of rides since then, it's a bit different to your ktm but pretty nice to ride, a lot of fun!" 


"I've been wanting to do my motorcycle training for a while, so I decided to search the internet and came across Willem who was local to me and had good reviews, which I found to be very true in my opinion I found Willem to be extremely easy to get along with, very knowledgeable and most importantly very patient! Having never sat on a proper motorcycle, the task in hand was very daunting. Willem set my mind at ease with the knowledge he had. The bikes used were easy to handle and the transition from one to the other was seamless through Willem's explanations. Test day was a different ball game, I found that although the nerves were there, the training, explanations and Willem's confidence in me and himself helped me to pass first time with only 5 minor faults. I would like to thank Willem for his patience and I would personally recommend him to anyone of any ability, because he can make anybody, with any experience a better and safer rider.

Thank-you Willem!" 

John Watkinson 

"Fantastic Instructions, very friendly. Willem builds confidence very fast and well" 


"Took me at a pace that was right for me, building my confidence in key areas until I was ready to progress to more built up surroundings. I enjoyed when I relaxed more in the ride, which came at a steady pace with good explanation"



"a great instructor focused on one to one tailored training, flexible and friendly, Willem makes it easy to understand with fun on the way using quality bikes!

Look forward to returning for some advanced training from an experienced trainer.

Many Thanks," 


"I chose Willem after doing a search on the internet and reading through his testimonials. From the very start he was a very friendly guy and made you feel at ease around the bike. He doesnt teach you he programmes you to ride a bike which makes it feels very natural and intuitive. I was surprised with how well he knew what i was doing wrong at each step. He instantly corrected it even when i thought it was something else i was doing wrong or not feeling confident with certain aspects of handling the bike. After that point i trusted every word he said and i passed both modules 1st time. He wont just teach you to pass he will teach you to be a good rider and a very safe rider. He is also a very likeable person and im looking forward to some advanced training in the future." Steven 

"I decided in late May 2014 to undertake Direct Access Training after having messed around with bikes off road for years. I had two specific requirements for training, my professional schedule would require flexibility and I wanted to undertake One To One instruction to make the best use of available time and get plenty of miles on the bike. I searched the internet and looked at a number of providers but Willem's website looked like what I was really looking for.

I made initial contact with Willem and found him to to be very articulate and professional in explaining how we could train together I then booked the Direct Access Course and looked forward to the training commencing.

We started with the CBT element and I found the training style to be very in depth and professional using the 695 KTM which was a great bike to handle and gain confidence on.


We quickly moved onto the roads and the Mod 1practice session at the Rotherham test centre which was great preparation with what was to follow. I always found Willem to be really patient and provided excellent technical feedback allowing me to explore the bike and ride progressively gaining confidence in the process as we approached the final element of the programme.

The final day of training was a chance to cover all the bases and have a little fun in the lanes which was a great opportunity to really build confidence and feel like a proper rider. The attention to detail around road positioning, cornering lines and handling the bike at speed was all brilliant. I have no hesitation in recommending the "Big Man" as a top quality instructor and he will get you through your own programme with superb instruction all done in a friendly and professional style. I really look forward to riding with Willem again as we move onto some more advanced training."


"My overall experience of the Direct Access motorcycle training was brilliant. I know Willem is a patient man for a fact. I really enjoyed my motorcycle training. I could see Willem really cared. I would recommend Willem to anybody." Darren

"Really Good, different than what I had before, I have been riding since 16 and I have done 8 CBT's. Willem gave me more training and knowledge. He didn't just treat me as beginner, he gave me extra. I have been to at least 5 schools, mainly in the Doncaster area, Willem was the best instructor I have ever had." 


" You are a great Instructor, You explain things clearly and you don't give up. You gave me confidence and told me straight if something was wrong. A great day was had and thank you Willem"


"Great experience, and carried out by an excellent instructor in Willem, who had every patience and time was never a problem. Would recommend highly to anyone" Nig

"I did my cbt with Willem, he is a friendly gentleman, and gives more advanced training than a standard cbt normally would, I would recommend him to anyone." Luke

"Just passed DAS, YEEEEESSSS! What a great experience from start to finish. The big man delivers everything you need and more besides. Anybody wishing to learn how to ride a bike &;properly&, sign on with Will. Cheers Wil" Nig